Why so many chapters are missing...

I am not the author of this guide. I'm a Bali traveler, perhaps like yourself, who came across this guide booklet in a surf shop in Kuta. I was intrigued but didn't have enough rupiah on me to buy it there and then. So I left the shop with the intention of returning later and then kind of forgot about it until after I got home.

Photo I took of the guide.

I googled and found this website sometime in 2012. I read most of it and forwarded the link to some friends. Forgot about it again. Then, due to an imminent return to the beautiful island of Bali, I went back to refresh my memory but noticed the site was gone, which I thought was a shame. So I bought the domain name with the aim of restoring the website to its former glory. So far, all I found was the foreword. Not much, but it's a start.

Do you have any chapters of the book? Contact me.