The Lost Guide to Bali Lombok is a no-nonsence, hard-hitting helper for those travellers who want to maximise their good times by avoiding the myriad hassles, hustles and pitfalls that are now the norm these two unique paradise islands. you are here to have good time. And you will have an even better time if you are better prepared to handle all of the funky twists and turns on the road to vacation bliss.

This Book was written by a Canadian expat who has spent the past nine years living on bali and travelling extensively through Lombok. And because I have witnessed too many travellers, even hard-core sundrenched globe-trotters, having their holidays royally messed up simply because they didn’t know the real story, I would like to offer some street level knowledge that will help avoid bad experiences.

The Lost guide to Bali Lombok is not about fine dining and shopping… it’s about touring through these strange sister islands like a pro; it’s about not getting ripped off and brutalized around every corner because too many do. And it’s about reliable, easily accessible facilities whose reputation for honesty and safety offer appreciable merit to those waywards in search of a better travel holiday. And lastly it’s about a simplistic travel philosophy that will help you navigate these increasingly dangerous waters and come through it with at the least, your camera and money intact and at the very most… your life… enriched.

Everybody needs to change money. Just go the real bonafide, tried and true corporate money changer… Don’t fuck around with the shadies… you know better they will beat you… yes you!

The Lost Guide cannot answer all of your questions or guarantee a trouble-free holiday but if you adopt some of my simple strategies and heed my well-placed warnings chances are very good that you will waste much less time and your troubles will be fewer. Enjoy your holiday… Selamat Jalan… Get Lost.